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The DigiPen P100 is an ultra-thin & light digital pen with regular and replacement ink cartridge for ACECAD DigiMemo. Its size and weight are almost like those of normal ball pen. It is your essential tool when writing notes, sketching drawings and outlining ideas upon your DigiMemo. It can be used with ACECAD DigiMemo series products.

*This pen shipped standard with all DigiMemo series.

DigiPen P100
Digital Pan Specifications
Size 5.28" (length) x 0.45" (diameter)
134 mm (length) x 11.3 mm (diameter)
Weight 0.03lbs (13.8g) with Battery
Power Source One (1) 1.55V button cell battery (SR626SW, 377 or IEC-SR66)
Battery Life Approx. 14 months
Ink Cartridge 0.09" (diameter) x 2.64" (length)
2.3mm (diameter) x 67mm (length)
  • Digital inking pen (DigiPen P100)
  • Two replacement ink cartridges
  • One plastic pen tip 
  • One 1.55V button cell battery
    The digital pen can only be used with ACECAD DigiMemo series.
    Installing the Battery into the Digital Inking Pen

    Unscrew the barrel cover counterclockwise from the barrel of the pen. Take out the button cell battery (SR626SW, 377 or IEC-SR66) that is included in the package. Insert the battery into the battery compartment with the negative (-) cap facing the battery compartment. Screw the barrel cover clockwise onto the barrel until tight.

    Install the battery